Best Rate Guarantee



They say true happiness is shared...don’t leave your dog at home!

  • We welcome dogs, but respect other guests
    With the aim of providing all our guests with the very best experience, our preference is to limit the total number of four-legged guests at the hotel. For this reason, please check whether we have room for your dog over the period you have in mind.
  • Respecting boundaries
    Dogs are not permitted in the breakfast room or in the area directly adjoining the swimming pool.
  • Strict anti-allergy policy
    Management reserves the right to apply a surcharge to cover any special cleaning required on departure. This guarantees we maintain high levels of hygiene, taking into account those who suffer from allergies.
As we grow more attached to our pets, a growing number of people are looking for a dog-friendly hotel for their holiday. We’re happy to say that your canine friend (ideally not weighing more than 10-15kg) is welcome at the 3-star Hotel Logonovo on the following simple conditions: Responsibility lies with the animal’s owner in the event of any harm to property or persons.