Museum of the Manufacture

The lagoon town of Comacchio has always been famous for eel fishing, offers visitors something different than a usual museum,
through the Manufacture of Marinated go to the discovery of a historical and culinary journey. Halls, wisely restored, they offer a
wonderful example of industrial archeology, in the Hall Fires gaze lingers of 12 fireplaces, dropped in one well
understands the landing place of the fish through the channel optical illusion in front of the structure enter the building.

To deliver the pleasure today to future generations the Hall Fires back to life in the winter months during the fishing year eel,

still the Manufacture worked the fish using the traditional technique conforming to the specification of the Slow Food production
to the defense and dissemination of gastronomic traditions.

Reaching the Manufacture of Marinated is very simple,

just walk under the long Loggia dei Cappuccini, which connects to the historic center.

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