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Museum Remo Brindisi

Inaugurated and opened to the public in 1973, under the name ‘Museo Alternativo Remo Brindisi’, the building, designed by architect Nanda Vigo, had two distinct functions: as a holiday home for Remo Brindisi and his family and as a museum to house his rich collection.
It is a complex experiment, a home-workshop, but above all an experimental cultural space created with the intention of defining a direct relationship between the visual arts, from architecture to design, from painting to sculpture. The architecture reveals its spatialist soul.
White or transparent walls, mirrors, neon lights dematerialise the spaces, giving those inside the villa the feeling of a different dimension.
All the spaces, including the private ones, have housed and continue to house a large number of works of art that Brindisi, a passionate collector, assembled throughout his life.
Today, the entire collection and the House Museum are owned by the Municipality of Comacchio, by the will of Brindi himself, and is a municipal museum. It is called ‘Casa Museo Remo Brindisi’. as a great and unique work of art and culture in its complexity and testimony of a whole life as an artist and collector.